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The Story of the only farm resort near manori beach

Started in the year 1994, Sun And Shade Manori has served its patron with the leisureful farm like experience in the midst of the urban fast paced lifestyle. Over this span of 24 years we have upgraded our resort to match your needs; from all the latest amenities, to deluxe rooms & various recreational activities so that you have a blissful stay. Hence, we are also known as one of the best resort in Manori; developing our own personalized charm as the only farm resort in Manori best suited to families as well as corporate groups.

At our family beach resort in Manori, We believe in offering a personal cocoon of hospitality to our patrons. A cocoon where you can do whatever you wish to without the interference of others, be it reading, writing or may be just laying in the hammocks observing the flora & fauna around you.

In the city the terms for recreational activities have changed, with people only visiting malls in the weekend to a majority of them surfing the internet or playing mobile game while lying on the couch. Hence, we at the manori resort Mumbai, decided to give this smartphone of ours a break & organised some games which take us to the nostalgic memories of our childhood. Compiling games that most of us have had played with our friends like cricket, football, basketball, table tennis, badminton, foosball & carrom. So be it a group outing or a day with family these games will surely bring a burst of happiness guaranteed!

The island of Manori itself has many places worth visiting, like for those who love nature & exploring new places, the island has a huge coastline with untapped beaches! If you are up for doing some fun then Esselworld & Water Kingdom are just around the corner. But if you’re in search of an inner peace & a spiritual connection, then, the Golden Vipassana Pagoda, the Gagangiri Maharaj, Samudreshwar Temple & the Old Portuguese Church will surely deliver a divine experience.

Manori is also known for its rich east indian culture & fisherman colonies, forging an imprint on the overall atmosphere, be it the way they dwell- in their brightly coloured houses or the language they speak. To witness how this culture has moulded itself all these years you can visit the ‘East Indian Museum’. But visiting all this places at the same time or going back home & returning the next day will be hectic isn’t it? So we at the Family beach resort Manori, choose to render a better option, an option where you can roam about this enchanted island rest for the night with all the luxuries you deserve & begin exploring this place again!

Exploring this green isle only gets better with great food. Hence we have compiled a wide range of dishes, dishes that suit your wants & are cooked with authentic flavours, keeping all the important nutritive values intact. Seems a lot more than what is offered in any other food outlet isn’t it? But being a farm resort near Manori beach enables us to deliver the best quality food right out of the farm to your table. Being one of the best resorts in Manori, we cater a wide variety of dishes, from authentic indian veg & non veg delicacies with a perfect blend of roti & rice menu, to some of your favourite chinese & italian dishes we have got it all, cooked fresh with no preservatives & artificial colours or flavours.

So won’t you like to experience this leisurely lifestyle, skipping your daily routine for a day or two & exploring Mumbai’s very own island of Manori? If so then here is how you can reach us & explore this blissful isle.