Detour to Our green paradise

One Of The Most Blissful Manori Resorts In Mumbai

You & I
In This Green Paradise
For a holiday
much desired
the oneness with nature
Hop on to
some nostalgic moments
Where fun resides
Holidays gets even better
with some tempting delicacies
A blissful place
for every occasion
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Tired of following the same hectic routine? Then why not do something different this week! Set your sails in the direction to an enchanted island which silently rests alongside our urban jungle. Explore the hidden island with one of the best resorts in Manori.

What you can experience here?

Natures Bounty 86%
Cozy Rooms 93%
Tempting Delicacies 90%
Farm Life 92%

Our Salient Features

We believe that customer service is not complete until he/she is totally satisfied. Hence, we have equipped our rooms with all the cozy amenities you require, delivering you a true leisurely experience; that is what makes us one of the best resorts near Manori beach

Rejuvenate your senses as the pace of life slows down, intertwining your bond with mother nature as you witness the minute details that she has portrayed in our green paradise, an experience no other the weekend resorts near Mumbai  can offer.

‘Good Food drives Great Mood’

That is what we believe in. So being the only manori resort in Mumbai which grows most of its supplies, we make sure that the nutritive value of the food we serve, remains intact.

You can also enjoy rare ‘East Indian Cuisine’, served only on the island of Manori

Spice up your life with activities that engage you with your loved ones.

Be it a bicycle ride over the coastal roads, fishing in the Manori creek or just camping under the open sky gazing the stars at night, you can do it all in our lively group resort in Manori.

The story of our farm resort near manori beach.

Started in the year 1994, Sun And Shade Manori has served its patron with the leisureful farm like experience in the midst of the urban fast paced lifestyle. Over this span of 24 years we have upgraded our resort to match your needs; from all the latest amenities, to deluxe rooms & various recreational activities so that you have a blissful stay. Hence, we are also known as one of the best resort in Manori; developing our own personalized charm as the only farm resort in Manori best suited to families as well as corporate groups

Here is a glimpse of our green paradise

Some tempting delicacies you can enjoy

Years In Service
Satisfies Customers

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